Pure Argan Oil in London


Despite the hype it’s still difficult to find a one hundred percent pure, certified, cosmetic grade argan oil in London.

Some products have no certification. Others are mixed with cheaper oils. Some contain artificial silicon. Others are suspiciously neutral-smelling. Cosmetic grade argan oil should have a faint nutty odour. If it smells of nothing it may have been heat-treated which kills some of the goodness. Others have a strong nutty odour, meaning it may be cooking grade argan oil. Others come from a country other than Morocco, meaning the tree may have been genetically modified to increase yield.

Havenessence has sold a certified, one hundred percent pure, cosmetic grade argan oil in central London for over two years. Our oil is exported all over the world. We have hundreds of repeat orders. Customers can try the oil before purchase and discuss it with experienced staff. Our oil is sourced only from Morocco.

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